What is it?

ePortfolio is a process of generating deeper learning and planning for personal, professional, and educational development by providing engineering students an opportunity to:

  • assess their works critically
  • make connections¬† between curricular and extracurricular activities
  • reflect on their works through a structured and supported process












It is also a product (electronic collection) of learning evidences:

  • such as essays, photos, videos, assignments, etc.
  • used for assessment for learning or assessment of learning
  • owned by the student


Having an ePortfolio has recently become one of the most effective ways to organize works you’ve done as an engineering student and to share them with your future employers. It enables you to collect, reflect, and display the works you are most proud of during your engineering studies.

  • Your ePortfolio is tangible! You can show it to a potential employer to prove what you are capable of.
  • It will also help you, as well as your supervisors, to see what you have accomplished throughout your engineering education.
  • It provides you with a means to reflect on your education experiences.


The process of creating an ePortfolio will enable you to clearly define and understand your strengths and weaknesses. By continuing to add to your ePortfolio over the next few years you will be able to see where you began, and how far you have come! Studies show that developing and maintaining an ePortfolio can enhance learning outcomes for students:

  • higher grade-point averages
  • higher credit hours earned
  • higher retention rates



You are most welcome to use my own ePortfolio to have an idea for yours! Some  other examples of students ePortfolio can be found here.

Watching the following video tutorials is fun and also helpful for understanding ePortfolio better.