How does it help engineering students?

Having an ePortfolio can help engineering students to:

  • provide a learner-centred rather than course-centred view of learning
  • be aware of how they are learning and what different learning strategies to achieve
  • be more effective in reviewing their own progress and using their own records and evidence of learning to demonstrate to others what they know and can do
  • evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses and identify ways in which perceived weaknesses might be improved and strengths enhanced
  • provide continuity through a learner’s lifelong learning as they move between learning providers

  • plan, integrate and take responsibility for their personal, career and academic development
  • develop their identity in relation to their academic, professional and personal progression
  • identify opportunities within their own academic programs and extra-curricular activities
  • be better prepared for seeking, continuing or changing employment and be more able to articulate the skills and knowledge they have gained to others