Tips for creating your ePortfolio


An effective ePortfolio should provide sufficient number of evidences (artifacts) of your achievements, reflect properly on those achievements that contribute to your career, and be very well designed (organized).


It is highly recommended to include the following items in your ePortfolio:

  • Home Page: It is basically a landing page that welcomes the visitors and introduces them to your ePortfolio.

  • About Me: It is encouraged to include, describe, or discuss the following in your About Me page:
    • Personal photograph,
    • Personal mission statements including your career goals and objectives,
    • Contact information through which you can be easily reached by your visitors, perhaps your future employer!
    • PDF or HTML versions of your resume,
    • Interests: remember that this is for professional audiences!
    • Information about awards and honors received
    • Organizations and activities in which you participate

  • Artifacts:
    • ┬áInclude samples of your written works, photos of successful projects, videos of oral presentations, etc.
    • Provide description for these artifacts to showcase how they represent your skills, gained experiences, qualifications, etc.

  • General Formatting: It is important to remember when putting together your ePortfolio materials, they MUST be well organized:
    • Provide brief description for each artifact along with a link to its full description on a separation page.
    • Consider organizing your ePortfolio on a paper before beginning work on the electronic version.
    • Carefully consider what type of media will be best for each item you want to include (images, video, audio, text, etc.). The simpler, the better!
    • Include the following pages in your navigation bar: Home, About Me, one or more pages on Artificats, one or more pages on Resources.
    • Have the navigation bar clear and consistent on all pages of your ePortfolio.
    • Be consistent with font size, color, etc. in both headings and the body text in each page.


  • Functionality: As an engineer student, you need to make sure your designed system is properly functional! Same applies to your ePortfolio! Therefore, make sure:
    • All the links are working!
    • All of your texts are easily readable.
    • Your images, and any other resources you used, are professional and follow copy right guidelines.
    • To check your ePortfolio on multiple browsers and operating systems, and even on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc.