“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough!”

This quote, which is often attributed to Einstein, concisely summarizes my teaching philosophy. I came to this conclusion through experiences gained since I began teaching in 2010.

Teaching is a passion for me, and the primary reason that I decided to pursue a career in academia. I enjoy helping students gain a deep understanding of seemingly difficult concepts because I know how sweet the taste of light-bulb moments is. My passion for teaching was inspired by my own experiences as a student in secondary and post-secondary levels, where I observed the endeavor of my teachers to impart knowledge to me. As I neared completion of my undergraduate studies, my passion drew me to a career in teaching.

However, from the very first class that I taught, I became aware of my limited experience in teaching. My early teaching approaches were immature and modelled upon my previous teachers that I tried to emulate, of course with significantly less degree of success! Nevertheless, through years of experience with teaching at both secondary and post-secondary levels as well as for both young students and experienced engineers, I eventually established my own teaching style and appreciated my own teaching philosophy. I now believe that the ultimate goal of teaching is threefold:

1-   To enlighten students on why learning, either in general or particular topics, is worth doing.
2-   To stimulate curiosity of students for learning and to motivate them to think critically.
3-   To assist students in their learning journey with simplifying complexities and providing resources.

In order to achieve these goals, I have founded my teaching philosophy on five principles. Please read about these principles here. Also, if you are curious to know more about my teaching experience, this page might be helpful.