Leadership Experience

Co-Founder and QA Director
EventYab Cloud Services Inc.
Calgary, Summer 2014 – Present

I am the co-founder and Quality Assurance (QA) director of EventYab Cloud Services Inc., which is a cloud-based application. EventYab.com is a Calgary-based start-up company aiming to connect people throughout the world by helping them to create and advertise events, invite others to attend, and sell tickets. In 2017, EventYab had revenue of $0.2 million through thousands of ticket sale transactions. One of the main innovations in EventYab is its big data manipulation and presentation on the Google Map with performance efficiency data filtering feature. Another winning mindset of the application is Think-Green to preserve and restore the environment. To do so, EventYab replaces paper tickets with online files with unique highly-secured QR codes to verify tickets via any cell-phone applications in App Store, Play Store, Windows App, and so forth. Furthermore, EventYab provides an interactive seat map which competes with the existing ones in the market regarding scalability, reliability, and comfortability of use.

I started the company because it allowed me the opportunity to improve my leadership and interpersonal skills. These skills help me identify my values, define my goals for the future, and strengthen my perseverance when facing a tough challenge. Working as the co-founder and QA Director of EventYab provides me opportunities to meet entrepreneurs in networking sessions and entrepreneurship workshops. I also attended the Faculty of Graduate Studies Entrepreneurial Internship Program and was awarded the FGS Entrepreneurship Scholarship. I learned from these experiences how to bring my ideas to the real world and how to implement my research in practice.

In addition to improving my entrepreneurial skills, my main inspiration was to benefit my doctoral research by working on this moonlighting project. The objective of my research is to develop a smart structural health monitoring (SSHM) system capable of identifying different types of damage in different types of bridges. As a QA Director in EventYab, I monitor the health of the system using automation tests, manual bench-marking, stress-testing, and functional verifiers. I consider two system monitoring strategies: (1) continuous; by running evaluation tests frequently, and (2) per change; by running the tests whenever there is a new code patch. Mapping the real data of events in EventYab to the data obtained through sensors in my SSHM development enables me to apply same testing strategies to my doctoral thesis. It also gives me an insight into health monitoring of systems, whether the systems are bridge structures or website applications.

Learning Technology Coach
Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning
Calgary, May 2017 – Present

The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning is dedicated to better understanding and improving student learning. It is both a building and a community that extends well beyond the building’s walls. The Taylor Institute brings together teaching development, teaching and learning research, and undergraduate inquiry learning under one roof. The institute supports building and sharing teaching expertise; integrating technologies to enhance learning; and conducting inquiry to improve student learning. I provide teaching and learning support for students and instructors in the Schulich School of Engineering by integrating new learning technologies into classes, working in a collaborative team to provide both in-person support as well as online or remote support, and enabling students and instructors to use ePortfolio tools to enhance the student learning experience.

The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning Building Interior

Graduate Students Representative 
Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
Calgary, September 2016 – Present

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) is a learned society created to develop and maintain high standards of civil engineering practice in Canada and to enhance the public image of the civil engineering profession. My responsibilities as the Graduate Students Representative consist of coordinating monthly lunch and learn events and attending the monthly meeting of the Calgary chapter. I also successfully organized the 11th Graduate Students Poster Competition through a double-blind review process.

Winners of The 11th Graduate Students Poster Competition

Vice-President of Events
Civil Engineering Graduate Society
Calgary, Spring 2015 – Present

The Civil Engineering Graduate Society (CEGS) aims to enhance the quality of civil engineering graduate students’ lives at the University of Calgary by removing the barriers of communication between the students and the department. CEGS also hosts an assortment of social and academic events tailored to the needs of our graduate students. My responsibilities as the Vice-President of Events consist of coordinating and organizing events, which involves shopping, ordering food and drinks, and booking venues and IT equipment. I joined CEGS in May 2015, and since then, we have successfully organized several academic events, such as the Lunch and Learn series and career workshops, and many social events, including tours and orientations for new students, the first Summer BBQ, and the first department Halloween Party. Also, together with the Geomatics and Electrical Engineering departments, we organized the Xmas Party and Response to Reviewers.

Summer BBQ’s Event Coordination Team (Summer 2015)

Persian Gulf Charity Foundation
Calgary, Fall 2015 – Present

The Persian Gulf Charity Foundation (PGCF) is a group of University of Calgary students, alumni, and faculty members who promote charitable and humanitarian activities. The activities are specifically designed to empower individuals and families in need with a focus on children in Iran. As of today, PGCF has raised over $140,000 and has sponsored more than 50 children, providing their basic needs. As the president of PGCF, I am responsible for PGCF’s communications with all bodies at the University of Calgary and any external community. I also lead the group and our volunteers, provide direction for all PGCF’s policies, organize, set the agenda, and chair executive meetings and AGMs.

Bottle Recycling for Persian Gulf Charity Foundation (November 2017)
Charity Food Market for Yalda Night (December 2017)

Vice-President of Treasury* and Vice-President of Events**
Iranian Graduate Students’ Association
Calgary, *Winter 2014 – Spring 2015
**Summer 2012 – Summer 2013

The Iranian Graduate Students’ Association (IGSA) is a non-for-profit organization established by a group of graduate students at the University of Calgary; the association has no ethnic, religious, or political affiliation. IGSA’s mission is to promote and encourage cultural activities among Iranians in Calgary, to work in partnership with other cultural communities to enhance social and community services in Calgary and to make activities available to other cultural communities. As the Vice-President of Treasury, I was responsible for monitoring the finances of the organization. I drafted the budget and obtained funding from various sources, such as advertisement and sponsorship packages, ticket selling, and donations. Because of my leadership and fundraising skills, I could increase the annual budget of the IGSA to $20,000 during my time as treasurer. The IGSA has more than 1000 members and holds more than 20 events annually; some of them attract more than 300 attendees. As the Vice-President of Events, I organized these events in collaboration with the president, other VPs, and volunteers.

IGSA’s Persian New Year Celebration (March 2014)
IGSA’s AGM 2014