Dear Megan…

Here is my Critical Reflective Statement written on April 1st Dear Megan, Wow, 32 years huh? It is currently April 1st 2018, our 19th birthday, and we spent today in some pretty cold weather, doing some race photography for the JaJa Marathon. Anna did really great today and got 2nd for women, and 7th overall. […]

Innovation Proposal Presentation

Powerpoint: Innovation Proposal My Script: Title From Seed to Plate The complete ban of food waste in grocery stores throughout Canada; Contracts must be signed between the giving and receiving parties of donated food; to prevent vicarious liability in case of sickness; Compost facilities must be constructed in Canadian cities with populations greater than 100,000 people; […]

Visual Reflective Statement-1

References Bill C-231. (n.d.). Retrieved from Castillo, C. K. (2017, July 18). Calgary home to biggest-of-its-kind composting facility in Canada. Retrieved from Chrisafis, A. (2016, February 04). French law forbids food waste by supermarkets. Retrieved from Supermarket Recovery Program. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Group Charter

Here is our group charter, At first, the task seemed a bit daunting, trying to write up a contract that was strict, yet understanding of individual circumstance. After looking into the requirements, for the charter the work became much easier to follow. Using my knowledge of law and legislature, we were able to incorporate some […]

Desalination Research

(Megan) What would make the most sense to transport water over long distances if necessary? Pipelines? Trucks? What would it cost?   ( ) Water can be distributed through 1) a pipeline, 2) mobile units such as tanker trucks and other forms of mobile vending i.e. animal drawn carts and 3) containers that people in […]

Structured Controversy

Be it resolved that all garbage and waste is recycled or burnt and used for energy. United Nations ( Kazoka, L. “UNEP Underscores Need for Garbage Recycling.” Africa News Service, 25 Jan. 2017. World History in Context, Accessed 30 Oct. 2017. Retrieved October 29 )   Although it’s a small article, it explains […]

The Most Important Dimension Project

Government is the most important dimension to solving our global challenge because governments have the resources and widespread influence to promote and enforce actions towards a solution, while also being held accountable. Governments have the ability to keep processes consistent and organized and distribute tasks properly to different ministries and organizations where they can be […]