Where do we go From Here?

Change has to start somewhere.

In France it is federal law that grocery stores have to donate edible food items that would otherwise be considered waste to organizations who will redistribute it. In Quebec, they have implemented the supermarket recovery program, promoting the donation of edible food items to organizations (i.e the Food Banks) from grocery stores. Canada has already attempted a Bill (Bill C-231), which sadly failed, bringing the topic of food waste to Canadian Parliament.

We have started the conversation, and have provided council with our innovation. So now we just have to wait and see how they respond. 

This is something that should be implement not only in Calgary but around the world. The beauty of it is that it can be adapted to modified for all different regions.

Food shouldn’t be wasted, its easier said then done, but we have the resources to get it done. Calgary is a great place for Canada to start, we have multiple organizations who redistribute food, we have a composting facility for food that is no longer fit for donation, we see the need for food throughout the city and people who are willing and wanting to help.

Calgary needs to take the next step in our fight against food waste.

The French did it first, the Cowboys did it better.


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