April Fools

This post is a little bit late, but on April 1st I celebrated my 19th birthday! Throughout this past year I have tried to take on a bit of a minimalist/zero waste(ish) approach to my belongings, and what I was/am buying. So, for my birthday my mom got me glass straws (Canadian made, of course).

It sounds like a bit of a weird birthday gift right? Wrong! It’s a great gift! Now I never need to use another plastic straw again.

In America alone around 500 million plastic straws are used daily ( that’s around 14 times the population of Canada).

Our global challenges is linked to so many different dimensions, and one of them is waste. Plastic straws contribute to so much of the worlds waste, and we don’t think of it all that much because what is one plastic straw compared to the oil industry, or coal mining? One plastic straw is a lot, and 500 million is not okay.

So, no more plastic straws for me.

(Attached are some interesting articles as well as a Buzzfeed video about straws)




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