Final Presentations

This semesters presentations were really interesting, with continued and new innovations from last semester. I think because of the added challenge of contacting stakeholders most people chose to focus their projects locally. A lot of the presentations focused on food banks, but all these groups seemed to focus on it from a different angle. Student […]

How far we’ve come

Last semester I worked with the same group and we did our presentation on Food Waste from Seed to Plate, looking at all aspects of food waste. This semester however, we decided to narrow our focus solely on the legislation and law aspect of food waste. At first we were looking into Criminalizing food waste […]

Keeping in Contact

This class pushed us outside our comfort zones to go out and speak to the community, extend the olive branch and listen to the experts. For obvious reasons this was an incredibly daunting task, but it was necessary to truly¬†understand the perspectives we needed for our innovations. Our group got in contact with many people […]

Dear Megan…

Here is my Critical Reflective Statement written on April 1st Dear Megan, Wow, 32 years huh? It is currently April 1st 2018, our 19th birthday, and we spent today in some pretty cold weather, doing some race photography for the JaJa Marathon. Anna did really great today and got 2nd for women, and 7th overall. […]

Dine or Fine

On Tuesday we finished UNIV 203. It doesn’t feel like we’re done, it feels like we’ve just started. It’s only been a few weeks since we finished the documentary and bylaw draft proposal, and sent them out to council. And we’re still receiving feedback on both. I’m very excited to see how everything plays out! […]

April Fools

This post is a little bit late, but on April 1st I celebrated my 19th birthday! Throughout this past year I have tried to take on a bit of a minimalist/zero waste(ish) approach to my belongings, and what I was/am buying. So, for my birthday my mom got me glass straws (Canadian made, of course). […]


The global challenges class has done a lot for me. Whether that be by helping me change my day to day life to revolve around a more sustainable and conscious path, or by providing me with opportunities to attend a dinner which allowed me to proudly share my innovation with people who eagerly listened. Through […]