The Tricky Thing About Compost.

Compost is truly amazing.

It is a great way to dispose of organic waste rather than using a landfill, and be able to reuse it as fertilizer. All foods, and scraps including bones are compostable, paper products like plates and coffee filters, as well as yard waste (etc.) are compostable.

Although compost is a great way to divert food from going into landfills, it’s often an excuse to waste food. When people throw away perfectly good food, they feel guilty, but if they compost it, they feel good. However, they are still wasting the food, it just feels good because you’re not putting it in the garbage.

“I love composting, I think it’s really great option. Instead of the food going into landfills, we’re now composting it. However, I do think that, if we’re just more cognizant about, how much we buy, where we buy, what we use, we can  start looking at curbing food waste in general. I think compost is a really great way to not send things to the landfill, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still wasting that food.” (Lourdes Juan, Leftovers Calgary)

One thought on “The Tricky Thing About Compost.

  1. I agree with you, compost is better than the landfill but all the energy has already gone into producing the food so we might as well eat it. I think your innovation appropriately handles food waste in the form of people composting perfectly edible food.

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