Innovation Proposal Presentation

Powerpoint:¬†Innovation Proposal My Script: Title From Seed to Plate The complete ban of food waste in grocery stores throughout Canada; Contracts must be signed between the giving and receiving parties of donated food; to prevent vicarious liability in case of sickness; Compost facilities must be constructed in Canadian cities with populations greater than 100,000 people; […]


When you start university, you definitely expect to be treated more like an adult. For the most part, you are treated as an adult, but often times you’re still treated as a “student”. What that means is,¬† you’re still treated as though you are in high school. (especially if you’re in first year). People still […]


In Canada $31 Billion is wasted in food on an annual basis. The bulk of it (47%) comes from consumers, and they have an important role to play in ending food waste, however our group believes that to make a significant dent in food waste it needs to start at the retail level (10%). We […]