The other day I had a huge brainstorm where I wrote down a bunch of questions surrounding food waste and sources to hopefully answer the questions: Will food waste reduction work towards the solution of our global challenge?   Compost facilities Portion of compost goes to community gardens and greenhouses Maybe certain amount of compost […]

Desalination Research

(Megan) What would make the most sense to transport water over long distances if necessary? Pipelines? Trucks? What would it cost?   ( ) Water can be distributed through 1) a pipeline, 2) mobile units such as tanker trucks and other forms of mobile vending i.e. animal drawn carts and 3) containers that people in […]

Structured Controversy

Be it resolved that all garbage and waste is recycled or burnt and used for energy. United Nations ( Kazoka, L. “UNEP Underscores Need for Garbage Recycling.” Africa News Service, 25 Jan. 2017. World History in Context, Accessed 30 Oct. 2017. Retrieved October 29 )   Although it’s a small article, it explains […]

The Most Important Dimension Project

Government is the most important dimension to solving our global challenge because governments have the resources and widespread influence to promote and enforce actions towards a solution, while also being held accountable. Governments have the ability to keep processes consistent and organized and distribute tasks properly to different ministries and organizations where they can be […]